Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Snowing...Again

I'm so tired of the snow. It's been snowing for the past several hours. The salt truck just went down the street, so at least they're out taking care of it. The weather's been so cold that as soon as it began snowing, the accumulation on the streets started, so it actually looks like we have more on the street than we do in the grass. At least they say we're only going to get an inch or two. That's not much at all. I'm just glad I got all of the errands done yesterday...I put gas in the car and we have enough groceries for more than a week, so we only have to go out to do the school thing.

I've spent a fun (yeah, right) day cleaning, washing sheets and baking bread. The kids love it when I make challah. I'll cut a couple of pieces off for them so that they can shape their own and have it later for a snack. They get such a kick out of that.

Speaking of cooking, Jacob's class is working on a family unit. Jacob told me that he needed a "special family recipe" for his family book. He then asked me to copy my macaroni and cheese recipe. Of course, I forgot until he reminded me as we were walking out the door to go to school this morning. I quickly scribbled the recipe out and he was happy.

Jacob was all excited yesterday because Peyton Manning, his class fish, had babies Monday night. Jacob got to name one of the babies Raymundo. He thought that was funny.

Boy, my life's gotten pretty dull here lately.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rant Post

When we moved into this house, we decided that instead of putting pictures on the walls, we would get photo screens. We searched and searched with no luck. We finally found some through a catalog business called LTD Commodities. We were excited! I placed the order for two photo screens on the 17th. As of today, our account is still "pending." To top it off, no one seems to be able to tell me what the holdup is! I've called twice and talked to a supervisor and everyone has a question mark above their heads. Any info I do have (and that's not any at all!) is because I've initiated the call. The supervisor told me today that it can take 10 business days for an order to ship from their warehouse. Guess what? We're on day 9!!!!! I desperately wish we could find these elsewhere because I would cancel the order and never deal with these people again!!!!

DON'T GO!!!!

I just read an article that said the TR Knight (he plays George O'Malley) is planning to leave Grey's Anatomy. If anyone should leave, it should be Isaiah Washington, not TR. I can't believe he's even thinking of leaving the show! I won't believe it until I see it. His character is too important to the show...Washington's, on the other hand, can easily be replaced by the lady who plays Dr. Hahn.


It's freaking cold outside! The guy on the radio this morning proclaimed it minus 0 outside (it's really 8 degrees). Jacob told me yesterday that he missed Virginia winters. So do I, Jacob. So do I.

I did something to my finger this morning and it's all swollen. I didn't notice until it became difficult to bend. I wonder what's going on with it. Hmmm...

Hannah's decided that she doesn't want to get bigger (she's afraid she's going to hit the ceiling) so she doesn't want to eat. She usually says this after she's eaten so I don't think we have a whole lot to worry about.

Jacob brought home a math test yesterday in which they were working on volume. Mike and I were blown away by some of the questions (he passed the test, btw). Here's a couple of the questions:

4. Emily's bead has a volume of 15cc. She put in 40cc of water. What is the water level with both the bead and the water in the graduated cylinder? Show the water level by shading the graduated cylinder with your pencil. Write a number sentence to show how you got your answer.

6. Alex put 5 pebbles in the water. Altogether the 5 pebbles have a volume of 11cc. The graduated cylinder reads 83cc. How much water is in the graduated cylinder? Write a number sentence to show your answer.

I don't know if I could do these now, much less in second grade! LOL!

Monday, January 29, 2007


We got our new TiVo yesterday. Mike seems to think that I'm going to neglect the rebate (Best Buy has a sweet rebate right now...makes the TiVo around $50! There's another for a different version of TiVo that makes it free) and it won't happen, but I've got it right here and as soon as the boys are off to school, I'm going to try to do it online. :)

Anyway, this thing's really cool. After 20 minutes of getting really frustrated about it not being able to change a channel, I realized the cable box wasn't on! After that, it just seemed to set itself up!

Yes, I've already gotten something recorded on it...fittingly for me, the first thing it recorded was the Grey's Anatomy rerun on Lifetime. LOL! It's already set to record for the next two weeks...the kids are excited about getting to see cartoons that are on before they get up in the morning or while they are at school. I just think it's cool that you can pause and rewind live TV!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Got My New Camera!!!

Yay!!! We went last night and got my brand new camera! I decided that I wanted the same brand as what I had (Olympus) since I pretty much already knew how to work it. It's a lot smaller (thinner) than the one that I had but takes the same XD card. My old one was 3.2 megapixels and this one's 6. The viewing screen is huge, too. I decided the kids could use my old one and were having fun running around taking pictures of the cat, dog and each other.

Today, we get the Tivo!!! :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Shouldn't Have Said Anything!

Almost as soon as I pushed the "publish" button on my last post and was heading upstairs to clean, the phone rings. I look at the caller id and let out a big sigh.

"Hello?" I ask.
"Hi's Lisa (the school secretary). I know you didn't want to hear from me today, did you?"
"Who do you have in the nurse's office today?" I ask.
"It's Jacob again. Mrs. G said that he just looked really off. He's all curled up in a ball and not feeling well. I'm sorry to mess with your day...I know that you thought you could go back to normal, right?"
"It's okay. I'll be there in 10."

I hang up the phone, knowing that I'll pick him up and as soon as Daniel gets home, he'll be flitting around the house.

Hannah and I walk into the office to sign him out when Lisa apologizes again. I told her that it was fine. I go into the nurse's office and collect Jacob and his things (and try not to breathe around the plethora of sick children in there). As we walk out, we run into Mrs. G, Jacob's teacher. She told me that Jacob begged her to let him stay but she really thought that he should go home. He makes 10 kids in her class out today (I wonder if she's sending kids home to have an easy day...LOL!).

I did get the upstairs cleaned up...except for the bathrooms which I'll do this afternoon. Everyone's whiny and crabby...maybe we should all just take a nap.

Happy Friday

Mike gets home from work last night and one of the first things he says to me is, "no new blog post today?" Nope. Jacob had been sent home sick from school Wednesday and I kept him home yesterday, too. I talked with the school nurse yesterday morning and she told me that Jacob was the 9th kid out of school that day in his class alone. That means that almost half of his class was out. Having Jacob home from school added a bit more stress to the day and that meant no new post. I do have to say that it was really nice to have that 3-4pm hour back for the past two days (since I didn't have to pick anyone up from school) and got a lot done. I actually managed to clean the first floor and got 5 loads of laundry done. Granted, the last load is still sitting in the dryer but I'm not too worried about it since it's just towels. Today, I'm hoping to do the upstairs and then steam clean the living room carpet.

A quick question...does anyone out there have TiVo? Mike and I are considering getting one (since watching Grey's on Thursday nights at 8pm has become entirely too stressful for me...the only case where Eastern time was better). Can anyone walk me through how it works?

Mike promised me a new camera as an anniversary present! Yay! The one I have still works but you have to tape the battery compartment shut and the automatic lens cover takes a full 5 seconds to open...and sometimes doesn't close. It's been a great little camera and it's taken thousands of pictures (yes, thousands), but it's time for a new one. I'm so excited!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Good Book...

This morning, Susan Crook came to talk to my MOPS group about personalities. She gave a really good talk about how personality styles have their own unique sets of challenges and rewards...especially in children. Learning your own personality qualities, as well as those of your children, can greatly help parent effectively. She was a great speaker and she said a lot of things that made a lot of sense. I didn't get a chance to buy her book, Personality Insights for Moms!, this morning but I plan on doing so since it looked really good when I just flipped through it. You can check out her website. If nothing else, she's pretty motivational and makes you laugh!

Happy Anniversary...To Us!!!

8 years ago today, I married the love of my life and best friend! I love you honey!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cooking Like A Fiend

I've been going a little crazy cooking the past couple of days. Yesterday, I made beef barley soup. I was able to do it in the crock pot because mine boils on low. Normally, that makes me mad but it was good in this case since I get nervous leaving it on the stove overnight. Daniel and Hannah proclaimed it tasty while Jacob decided that it was icky. Whatever. I thought it was a perfect dinner after a day of playing out in the snow. Today, I roasted some chickens. Mike walked in after work and began to pick at the meat still left after I carved them up. He told me that my chicken was better than Boston Market! Score! My table is in charge of bringing breakfast to MOPS tomorrow, so I had to put together some stuff. I had bought a Potluck cookbook at the book fair last week and put it to use twice tonight! I got a good fruit salad recipe (using cherry pie filling...yummy!) and I made a bacon and egg lasagna. This thing is certainly not low fat. 1 pound of bacon, a pound of swiss cheese, 1/3 cup of bacon drippings, 12 get the picture. I didn't actually taste it so I'm hoping that it's edible! LOL!

Anyway, I've decided to start counting my points again since my fat pants don't fit very well anymore. :( Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

These Guys Don't Fool Around...

I'm outside trying to shovel out the driveway (still no gas for the snow blower) when I see the snow plow come down the street. Nice guy that he is, he dumps about 2 feet of snow at the foot of the driveway. Thanks, man. I look down the cul-du-sac and see two neighbors heading for our with a shovel and one with a Bobcat. "Don't worry," one neighbor says. "We'll get you out!" And they proceed to dig us out. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it for myself! Here are some pictures!

Date Night

Even with all of the snow, Mike and I were able to go out. The kids actually said goodbye to us but were quick to go back to show Anna some toys. LOL!

The roads were icky but passable. He took me to a restaurant called 40 Sardines. They had the most unusual salads and entrees. Mike got a pear and cranberry salad with a citrus vinaigrette (ever hear of that before?!?) and I got a grilled artichoke and watercress salad. My chicken also came with fried artichokes, which were really tasty. I don't think I've eaten so many artichokes, ever! LOL! Neither one of us was brave enough to order the wild boar but we talked a lot about it! I love going to places like this...places that we could NEVER take the kids. After dinner, it was still snowing so we decided to head right home.

We come home and the house is actually cleaner than when we left. I love Anna. Not only is she really good with the kids, but she cleans, too!!! :) Love that.

BTW, if I had to guess, I'd say we got about 5 inches of snow last night.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?!?

It's snowing...again!!!! This better not make us cancel date night...Mike was going to take me out for our anniversary and I don't want Anna out if the roads are bad. It wasn't supposed to start until after 6 and it started about an hour ago. So far, our street is clear but who knows what it'll be like 3 hours from now!!! GRRRR!!! They're saying 4-6 inches before tomorrow morning.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Stupid Drivers!

What is wrong with drivers this morning? I took the kids to school and I was pulling into the carpool line when a lady pulls into a driveway in front of me and then, without even looking to see if anyone was coming (which I was), she starts to back out!!! I had to swerve to avoid hitting her and she had the nerve to look at me like I was the idiot!!!!! Grrr. The lady in front of us was putting her makeup on in her rear view mirror. I look behind me and one of my neighbors (she has three girls, spaced out about like mine but her oldest is Daniel's age) has none of her kids buckled up and they're all hanging over the front seats. STUPID!!!! (and she does it every morning!!!!!!)

So, I drop the boys off and turn to head to the main road. The line to turn is unusually long. The lady in front of me is still putting on makeup and doesn't see that one of the busses is trying to get out so that another one can pull in. She gets an earful from another bus driver who gets out and stands in front of this lady's car to stop her. Then, the bus tries to make a left turn out of the drive (because the line to the main road was so long) and almost takes out makeup lady and a mailbox. The line was so long because there was an accident at the light on the main road and people were blocking the way for people trying to make left turns onto the main road. Like that's going to make you go so much faster by not letting people go. So much stupidity on the roads today!!!!!


Last night's episode was so sad. Once I started crying, I don't think I stopped. Mike missed one of his favorite things in a movie/show...a father/son shaving moment. It was so sweet when George was talking to his father about hitting a kid with a stick when he was a kid while shaving his father. So touching. Anyway, here are some of my favorite moments from the episode...

Bailey (probably now one of my favorite lines) while replacing the tube in Mr. O'Malley: "My son is named after his son...I need a moment."

Mark (after Alex hands him a 'bone dry' cappuccino): Is Addison miserable today?
Alex: Yes, completely miserable. Can I scrub in?
Mark (while walking away): No.

Cristina (to George): There's a club...the Dead Dad's're not in it until you're in it. My dad died when I was 9...I'm sorry you had to join the club.

It was so sad that George's dad died. I was crying and crying...Jacob was laughing at me, but Hannah curled up in my lap, gave me a big hug and was patting my back. The whole time, she was saying, "why so sad, Mommy?" Too sweet! This episode was much more heartbreaking than when Denny died...Mr. O'Malley was just such a nice guy.

I loved the scene where George was yelling at Bailey and the Chief. They really did know better.

Addison had an abortion?!? If Derek had known differently would things have gone? I don't know about this story line...getting rid of the baby just because she didn't think Mark would be a good father and because she wanted to get back together with Derek...horribly selfish, Addison!

Burke and Cristina...I was happy that Burke finally told Cristina that he hadn't had any more tremors, even if it was through Derek. It opened a door.

Meredith and Thatcher...I was really hoping that there was a better excuse for him to have ignored Meredith all these years. But there wasn't. He's an ass.

Previews for next week - Did anyone see the CTV promo for next week? Derek's pissed that Burke was offered chief. It's really going to hit the fan I think!

I know there's a lot more I'm forgetting but that's it for now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recipes Anyone?

I am more than thankful that tonight is the school's Family Night Supper because I'm stuck in a dinner rut.


I've been making chili, chicken soup, stew, tuna casserole and hamburgers over and over and I'm tired of it! I roasted some chickens a little while back and that was a nice change but it's just not enough! Does anyone have any good dinner recipes that are quick and easy? What do you make that your family just can't get enough of? I would really appreciate anything new!!!! (or new to me)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sue!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Enjoy your day!!! :)

Isaiah Washington Needs To Shut His Mouth

WTF??!!?? For those of you who don't know who Isaiah Washington is, he plays Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy. I just saw a video of the press conference after their Golden Globe win and out of nowhere, he takes the mike from Shonda Rhimes (the show's creator) and says, "I did not call TR Knight a faggot." The whole cast just looked stunned. Not only had it not been brought up, but it was certainly not the place for him to say it! Even Katherine Heigl (Izzy Stevens) said that "he needs to just stop talking in public," and that she is "not okay with it." What was he thinking? I'm beginning to wonder if he needs to be taken off of the show. This is strike two, Isaiah!

Here is the transcript of TR Knight being interviewed by Ellen Degeneres...

Ellen: So here’s the thing. Some of you may know the story, some of you may not know the story.

Ellen: How long ago did this happen?

T.R.: Early October

Ellen: So Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington are on the set. A scene is about to start and they start getting in a fight and words..

T.R: Not because I was late.

Ellen: And Isaiah Washington says what to Patrick Dempsey?

T.R: He referred to me as a faggot.

Ellen: As a faggot?

T.R: Yes

Ellen: So you’re around the corner and hear this?

T.R: It’s an awesome word isn’t it? (joking)

Ellen: It is. It really is unbelievable. It’s bad enough in school yards that happens but, grown men

T.R.: Everyone heard it.

Ellen: He said this horrible, hateful word and it puts you in this position because your weren’t out and then everyone on the set is hearing this and then you …

T.R: I was under no delusions.. my friends on the set knew. We talked about it.. they knew. I was not under any delusion that they didn’t know but I think publicly it’s not my thing to like call up People Magazine and be like hey you want to know something about me? You know, I think when it happened (the incident) I’ve never been called it and you know you go through things in life and you lose friends when you go through the process whatever your journey is but I’ve never been called that to my face. So, I think when that happened something shifted and it became bigger you know what I mean, then myself. I look to people like you (Ellen) and it’s April right almost ten years (when Ellen came out) to your bravery and others people’s bravery and your just really grateful for that because I could’ve just let it slide and not said anything but it became important.

Ellen: And it became a thing in the press because of the fight

T.R: To say something, It became important to make the statement…

On the recent Golden Globe incident

Ellen: And then the other night at the Golden Globes I guess Isaiah Washington starting up the whole thing up again which is kind of crazy…

T.R.: Yeah, he denied that he said it (faggot)..I don’t know what to say…really about that.

Ellen: I don’t either, other than it seems like at this point and time we should not say hateful words to one another and we should all learn…

Ellen: I just wish you continued success and that this is out of the way and that people stop saying hateful things to one another or just using that word is dangerous.

T.R.: It is and I don’t know what to say about it but it’s pretty bad..

Ellen: But I’m proud of you, you’re a brave guy.

T.R.: But, thanks to you.. it was ten years ago… but it just made all the difference in the world..

Ellen: It was a different time and things are getting better.

T.R: I was recently watching some of your interviews from that time and it was just .. It was so..I’m losing my words and I apologize it’s just very moving and it just meant so much.

Ellen: Well, what your doing is going to mean something to other people that are seeing that because you’re an amazing guy, so I’m proud of you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe Winner - Best Drama!!!!!

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) and Katherine Heigl (Izzy Stevens) all walked away empty handed, but Grey's Anatomy won for Best TV Drama Series!!!! And they were up against some stiff competition: 24, Big Love, Heroes and Lost.

Sorry, honey, but I don't think it's going to be cancelled this season!

For those of you that missed last week's episode, here's the synopsis from ABC:

Six Days - Part 1 | Air Date: 01/11/2007

George is upset when the $8.7 million check that Denny left Izzie keeps falling off the refrigerator. He urges her to finally deposit it in the bank, but she refuses.

Cristina and Burke have made up, but still aren't speaking. She wants Meredith to ask Derek how Burke's hand is healing, but Meredith doesn't want to get in the middle. Cristina keeps trying to get other people to ask him, but Burke is onto her. He won't tell anyone but George, as long as he promises not to tell Cristina. Addison asks Burke why he and Cristina aren't talking and he explains it's like "Say Uncle," where whoever gives in is the loser. She tells him he's being pathetic.

Six Days - Part 2 | Air Date: 01/18/2007 9/8c

After a successful operation on his heart, George's father undergoes surgery for his cancer, Thatcher Grey visits Seattle Grace in order to see his new granddaughter, and Meredith discovers Derek has trouble sleeping soundly. (sounds like the episode last Thursday!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cabin Fever

We've survived the "storm" (in quotes because it was nothing like they said it would be) and are going stir crazy. I left the house Saturday night to get ice cream but other than that, we've all been cooped up since Friday night. We got lots of sleet and some ice...very little snow. It was snowing earlier today but it has stopped now. The part that's awful is it's 14 degrees outside. Ugh. Not fun. I have done so much baking and cooking this weekend it's not even funny. I've made a challah, soup, rolls, carmel corn, a roast, and Italian beef. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house tomorrow when the boys go back to school.

We finally found our photo screens! Yay!!! I ordered them this morning and it said that they would be here in 10 days. Hooray!!! We got one that holds all 8x10's and one that holds an assortment. Mike didn't want to hang all of the pictures up on the wall and this was our compromise. It has been a nightmare trying to find these things, though. It should not have been this hard!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sleet Day

I can't call it a snow day because it's not. It's not doing a whole lot right now, the sleet comes in waves, and right now, it's stopped. According to our ABC guy, the precip will continue to be sleet and we're expected to get about 1 to 2 more inches before this evening. I haven't heard anything about the 4 inches of snow that we were suppossed to get tomorrow, but we'll see.

All I know is I have a big pot of chicken soup on the stove (I was finally able to use one of the chickens that had been just screaming to be made into soup), kids playing with moon sand at the kitchen table and a husband taking a nap on the couch. Did I mention we're all still in pj's? LOL! I love days like this!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter Storm Update

This is just lovely. Good thing we're all stocked up and have no need to go out. Just waiting for Mike to get home from work...

439 PM CST FRI JAN 12 2007






Daniel's Report Card

We got Daniel's report card today and it was actually better than I had expected it to be. They give 1, 2, 3 grades...1=Experiencing Difficulty, 2=Developing, 3=Proficient. He got a handfull of 1's (in the reading areas we had anticipated) and mostly 2's with some 3's. His strongest areas were math and science/social studies. He's doing quite well in those areas and I'm proud of him for that.

The best part of the report card is the teacher's comments:

Daniel has not been at M long enough for me to give a true assessment of Daniel. I based the 2nd quarter grades on what I have seen so far in my classroom. Hopefully, his weaknesses will improve once he makes a successful transition to our classroom. My goal is to get him as interested in English as he is in Japanese!

Winter's Back

2:30pm Update...16 degrees and the snow keeps going back and forth between snow and sleet. The road in front of the house is covered in white but the grass is surprisingly bare. Not looking forward to getting Jacob from school.

11:15am Update...It is now snowing and it's 16 degrees. And, I have to go out in it to pick Daniel up from school. :( I wonder what my Virginia friends think about that!!! LOL!

I had the hardest time pulling myself out of bed this morning. It took every ounce of energy to not go back to bed once I took a look outside. It had been drizzling, and with the temperatures dropping (we were 60 yesterday and right now it's 19 degrees), there was a nice coating of ice on the ground. I kept thinking that the boys were sleeping so nicely and it would be okay for them to miss a day of school. Then I realized that's a dumb thought and went to get the boys out of bed. I don't know why I didn't think to leave a little earlier because of the ice...I guess I thought that the main roads wouldn't be that bad. Once I got out of our subdivision, I made the realization that the main roads were just as slippery as the back roads. Luckily, everyone here seems to know how to drive in this stuff and were keeping a nice distance between cars and were driving about 25-30 mph, which seemed to be the safe speed. (and thank goodness for my new tires!!!)

After dropping off the boys, Hannah and I went up to get more milk and juice since once I get back from picking up Jacob this afternoon, I don't want to head out again until this stops. I have to laugh because I know that school would have been cancelled today if we were still in Virginia. LOL. Welcome back to the world of "it's gets with it." LOL!!! Right now, we've got some sleet. I wonder if it'll turn to snow?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Six Days

Grey's is back after being off since Thanksgiving. Not a bad episode. I LOVED the Meredith/Derek scenes. Too funny about her snoring. I also loved the Callie stare-down. LOL when she tried it on George. Izzy was her usual blubbering self...oh boo hoo...I have to deposit my 8 million dollar check. George was hilarious, though, when he told Izzy that he dropped $8.9 million on his foot. Guaranteed Izzy tries to pay for that girl's surgery. I don't want George's dad to die. He's such a nice guy...O'MALLEY!!!! LOL

So, let's see...we've got Cristina and Burke - they'll kiss and make up. Burke will realize that Cristina was only doing what was best for the both of them.

Izzy - she just needs to move on. She'll get in trouble for trying to give money to that one girl's family and the insurance will pull through (my speculation).

George - I just don't know how this will play out. He'll find out that the Chief and Bailey made the promise to Mr. O'Malley and he'll be pissed, which is why he yells at them.

George and Callie - I wasn't expecting the the kiss between them tonight. I hope they get back together because they've made her a lot less creepy as this season has moved along.

Alex and Addison - They so need to hook up. I wanted to smack Mark when he basically told her that she was "sorry." Ass. Good for Alex for getting him a vanilla cappuccino instead of his "bone dry" one. What the heck is a bone dry cappuccino anyway? LOL! I wasn't rooting for them as a couple before but I am now. They've convinced me that they'd be cute together. BUT...what's the deal with Mark and Addison yelling at each other about a baby? Hmmmm...

Meredith and Thatcher - I'm warming up to Thatcher Grey. I hope he has a good excuse for not being ther when Mer was growing up and that she can accept him as her father. She needs to get over her Daddy issues.

Meredith and Derek - I hope that Mer can get over her snoring. I laughed so hard at the Breathe Right Strip that she was wearing. Mostly because I had been wearing them because of snoring that I thought was due to a cold. Apparently, I snore several times a week. Loud enough to wake Mike up. Who knew? I don't wake myself up snoring so I didn't know.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Anyway, I'm looking forward to next week's continuation!!!

Road Rage

Mike forgot his cell phone this morning. So, after I dropped the boys off at school, I headed up to drop it off to him. The people on the radio were talking about a website where people can vent their road rage frustrations. This site, Plate Wire, lets you actually put in someone's license plate number and what their offense was. You can even give awards out to nice drivers. It seems really wrong, but it's fun to look at. I guess it's really only funny because my plate wasn't on there! LOL!!!

Then, while on this site, I discovered a site that was made just for me!!! It's called Here, you can print out notices to place on the windshields of offending cars. I don't think I could actually do it, but it's funny anyway.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recipes and Such

Hold onto your's way windy outside today. They say that it's going to start raining tomorrow, freezing rain Thursday night and then a "major snow storm" will hit over the weekend. How much snow does it take to qualify to be a "major snow storm?" I know in VA, anything over an inch was a blizzard (LOL!!!) and caused mass panic at the Wal-Mart SuperCenter. I don't even know what I would consider "major," but I hear that and automatically think of snowfall in feet, not inches. Anyway, I thought now would be a good time to stock up the pantry, so Hannah and I went up to Super Target to pick up groceries. Hannah is such a helper at the store...she's good at grabbing stuff off of the shelves and putting it in the cart. The big problem was that I miscalculated just how far the Super Target was from the school and was almost late picking up Daniel.

I think I may have scared Daniel's new teacher. All this week (and part of last), Daniel's been telling me that his teacher told him that he needs a new coat. He has like a two layer coat and he struggles with the bottom layer. He was almost in tears yesterday and today when it came time for him to put his coat on. I'd finally had enough this morning and left a voice mail for Mrs. T. I told her that Daniel got the impression that she had told him he had to buy a new coat and wasn't allowed to wear his old one. I went on to tell her that I knew she couldn't possibly have said that and would she please tell him this morning that his old coat is fine. She voice mailed me back and said that of course she never would have said that to him (but I'm guessing she said something like it in frustration) and her only problem with the coat is that "because it's a half day program, there's very little time to struggle with coats." She went on to tell me that she was so sorry about the misunderstanding...yada yada yada. When I picked him up from school, she came over and apologized again and said that she was working with him to make sure he could get his coat on by himself and that he didn't pull the whole thing apart when he was taking it off. Of course she "would never tell him to get a new coat! That's just ridiculous!" Mmm hmmm. Oh well.

And now, a Toffee Cracker Recipe because I know I'll lose it if I don't put it here (plus, it's mighty tasty and I thought I'd share)...

Cracker Toffee

20 Soda Crackers (or matzo)
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
12 oz chocolate chips
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

Melt butter and sugar in a saucepan. Allow to boil for 3 minutes. Line 9x13 inch jelly roll pan with foil and spray with Pam. Line bottom with crackers. Pour butter and sugar over crackers and spread to cover evenly. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 5-6 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Once chips are melted, spread to cover evenly. Top with nuts, if desired. Allow to cool and break into pieces.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

A big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Sue and Glenn!!! What is it, four years now? Wow.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I went to my first MOPS meeting this morning. I was nervous going in, but Hannah was really excited. No problems at all dropping her off. And that was the first thing...the care for the kids was done by age, so Hannah was in with the three year olds. That was nice. And it was structured...they did crafts and stuff. She loved it. In fact, she was upset when I came to pick her up.

After I dropped her off, I followed the signs to the meeting. I went in and registered. One of the girls saw that I was new and took it upon herself to introduce me around. She also made sure that I knew where my table assignment was and made sure I was settled in okay. Soon, another table member arrived and she told me that I looked familiar. I told her that she did too. She asked if I had been at the MOMS meeting last month and I told her yes. As soon as she said that, I recognized her.

Everyone was absolutely wonderful and easy to talk to. Unfortunately, we had to leave the meeting early because the kids had early release and I had to pick Daniel up at 10:30 but the craft looked like it would have been a lot of fun. :( Walking out, I said goodbye to another table mate, who's also one of the coordinators, and she actually came over and gave me a hug. She said that she looked forward to seeing me at the next meeting and I was on my way.

I'm still going to do the MOMS club thing but I really think that my close contacts are going to come from this group. Everyone was so friendly and I'm really looking forward to going back.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Adding To The Family

Our family got bigger by four tonight. We went to PetSmart tonight to see about getting some new fish for our tank. We walked out with two hermit crabs and two water crabs. Daniel chose hermit crabs and they were so cheap, we ended up getting two. Hannah and Jacob wanted the regular water crabs so they each got one. Jacob named his Pinchy, Hannah named hers Snow and Daniel named both of his Louie because he couldn't tell them apart. LOL! The good news was that we didn't have to buy a tank for Pinchy and Snow but we did have to buy a habitat for the Louies.

They really freak me out. You can't hold Pinchy or Snow but you can hold Louie and Louie. They are very bizarre to look at and watch walk across their tank. What have we gotten ourselves into this time?


We got Jacob's report card yesterday. For all 16.5 days he's been there. Daniel's report card isn't ready yet...his old teacher was responsible for it and hasn't been able to get any of them done for her class. According to Mrs. T (his new teacher), Mrs. L will have them to her by the end of the week. Whatever.

Anyway, Jacob seems to be doing well. They don't get letter grades just yet...that starts in 3rd grade, but they get +, /, and - grades. For the categories (Reading, Math, Science) they get 1, 2, and 3 grades. 1=A, 2=B/C and 3=D/F. He got a 1 in Reading and 2's in Math and Science. Pretty good considering they're doing different stuff than his class in VA was. I expect he'll do better this grading period...not that he did poorly this one. I'm really curious to see Daniel's report card.

Another year, another insurance mess up...Once again, we've received two sets of insurance cards...from two different companies. We got the first before the end of 2006 and the second set today. We knew that there was a problem and were ready for the re-enrollment starting on Tuesday. What's strange is the cards we got today were for the plan we thought we'd signed up for in the first place. Hopefully, they've fixed it on their own and we can just keep these cards.

I got a call yesterday from my MOPS table leader...I'm hoping that this is a good group. Mike keeps asking me if I'm going to do MOPS or MOMS Club...I keep telling him that I'm going to try to do both. I heard from MOMS last week...twice. I'm going to give them another shot. I'm also going to try to get involved in PTO at the kids' school. They have meetings once a month at the school. I suppose you can't be in enough groups...all I know is that I need to get out of the house. It'll feel more like home once I get some friends. I miss going to the store and running into people I know.

Friday, January 05, 2007


I saw that A&E is going to start showing reruns of The Sopranos. One question...How? How in the world is A&E going to do it? My guess is they're going to cut the crap out of it and that's a shame. Everyone in the cast swears...a lot. I don't know if I could handle watching Tony Soprano exclaining, "oh fudge!" instead of the actual phrase. I don't know...makes him just a little less tough. Also, they work out of the Bada Bing!...IT'S A STRIP CLUB!!! How are they going to get around that? You can't delete those scenes because a lot of important business goes on in the Bada Bing! scenes. Never mind the extreme violence. (Tony killing Ralph Cifaretto with a hot cast iron skillet, for example. BTW, he had it coming! LOL!) There is very little implied violence in this series. In fact, the only example I can think of is Adrianna. Of course, that's after Christopher, very realistically, almost chokes her to death. I just don't see how it's going to work. It's a shame to sanitize The Sopranos just to put it on regular cable. It's on HBO for a reason.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today was the first day back to school for the kids. Daniel starts the new year with a new teacher, Mrs. T. He was pretty upset about it this morning, but was happy to hear that his previous teacher, Mrs. L, had not died but had just retired. LOL!

The carpool line this morning was insane. Absolutely insane. When we got to the end of the line, we couldn't even see the school and Jacob was concerned that we were in the right line. He kept asking me, "how do you know this is the line to go to school?" If you add in the feeder streets to the line, it was probably almost a half mile long. Needless to say, I was happy that we left a little early this morning because it took us 15 minutes to get up to the school for drop off. The whole drop off thing is obnoxious.

I still have yet to get any paperwork from the MOMS Club out here. Grrr. I'm going to e-mail the president today and if I don't get anything in 24 hours, I'm looking up the chapter that just sistered from them. I don't care that I don't live in their boundries. I did get a call from MOPS yesterday and I will be going to their meeting next Tuesday - although I have to leave early because someone decided that the kids need early release on that day.

Now, I must get to cleaning. I've been neglecting it while the kids have been home and I need to get back into the routine.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Untitled Post

We went to Outback last night for dinner since Mike was feeling better and we had a gift certificate. It's been a long time (we're talking years) since we've been, so we were excited. The boys ordered macaroni and cheese (there were no worms in it...LOL!) and Hannah ordered a kid's steak and salad. Imagine our shock and surprise when Hannah ate the whole thing! We asked our server how big the steak was and she told us that it was a 5 ounce steak. Hannah ate every bite. She's our little meat eater. LOL!

Oh...and this is just funny (good song, too)! Ok Go on Treadmills This is pretty funny too...Ok Go Dancing in the Backyard. Enjoy!!

Grey's Schedule

Okay, Dad...I think I have the upcoming Grey's schedule for you. I'm getting some conflicting information but here's what I can best piece together...

Thurs, January 11th, Episode 311 Six Days (Part 1)

Thurs, January 18th, Episode 312 Six Days (Part 2)

Thurs, January 25th, Episode 313 Always Something There To Remind Me

Thurs, February 1st, Episode 314 Walk On Water

Of course, this could change...and I'm a little surprised that Six Days Part 2 doesn't have it's own title. Part 2 is also showing up at the bottom of a lot of the lists, behind epi 313 (and on one, behind 314) but the airdate is listed as January 18th. I don't know if you'll find something different, but as long as those airdates keep coming in order and the episode numbers keep going up, I'm happy! LOL!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Debbie! Enjoy your day, girl! :)

Happy New Year!!!!

It's hard to believe it's 2007! Where did 2006 go?

We started out firmly in Virginia. Daniel was in preschool and Jacob was in the first grade. At the beginning of last year, Hannah was just two years old.

By the end of 2006...Hannah was diagnosed with asthma, we'd moved half-way across the country, the kids started a new school, Daniel's working on his third kindergarten teacher of the year and Mike's comfortably in his new position.

In 2006, I gained back the 25 pounds I lost in 2005, but it was just the 25 and not more. So I guess that's a good thing...LOL! And I did learn a lot about mold and home improvement this year so it can't be that bad.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great New Year and I'm looking forward to blogging my way through 2007!!!