Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Junk

I woke up to thunder this morning and was really excited. Unfortunately, that's about all we got. It rained for about 10 minutes and the storm blew past. Ugh. I was looking forward to a good thunderstorm this morning. Oh well. At least it's supposed to be warm again today.

I guess Hannah thought that flower fairies came and planted yesterday because when she overheard Jacob and me talking about them this morning, she said, "Oh! I wondered where those flowers came from!" LOL! Jacob told me that he'd be willing to try the tomatoes that come off of our plants because, "I know where they've been." Ha!

I'm going to be taking the boys up to visit Mike at work this morning since it's Take Your Child to Work Day. They're just going to go have lunch with him, which they're crazy excited about. It's such a treat to get out of school and have lunch with Dad.

For the past many, many years, my favorite local radio station, Mix 93.3, holds a huge outdoor (family friendly) concert called Red, White and Boom. Usually, they have one big artist and a lot of up and coming bands that have one or two hits, plus a local band. The kids really wanted to go last year but I wasn't sure if they'd like it. They began ticket sales for this year's concert on Monday and Jacob's been on his hands and knees, begging to go. I've been apprehensive about getting tickets because they hadn't posted the lineup. They finally did today and Jacob will be happy to know that I got tickets for this year's concert. David Cook (from American Idol) will be headlining. It's going to be fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring!!!!!

I finally got outside and planted my containers today. It was kind of chilly when I started but now it's actually a little hot outside. That's fine with me. I'll take hot any day. We're supposed to have upper 70's today and 80's for the rest of the week so I'm hoping to get the flower beds in good shape this week too. In the front, I just planted some flowers but in the back I planted some tomatoes. I've never had good luck with veggies but I'm hoping this is my year.

I was going through the kids' backpacks and I found this little snippet in Hannah's. I had to laugh because Hannah's teacher thinks they're about 8 years old and is constantly trying to get them to "think critically" about everything. They had a week where the theme was "when I grow up." They had to fill out a questionnaire and here's hers...

My name is: Hannah G.

When I grow up I want to be a: rok FinDr (rock finder)

I will wear:

I will use: toos (tools)

I will: rok FinDriNg (rock findering)

I will: a rok FiND F roKES (I had to ask about this one..."a rock finder finds rocks")

My favorite part of my career will be: FiN rocK (finding rocks)

Well, duh. It's all about the rock finding! LOL!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hannah's High Blue Belt Testing

It just occurred to me that I never posted pictures from this past week when Hannah tested for her High Blue Belt. In addition to form, three-steps and sparring she had to break a board. It was too cute because she had been practicing hand technique when she had to do a foot technique. Needless to say she was confused. Luckily, Master Johnson came over and helped her out. Here are the pictures.

Hannah tries to break the board.
Master Johnson comes over to help out.
Three-step sparring
Master Thibbedeau is such a character. He kept tapping Hannah on the back of the head with his foot. She thought it was the funniest thing ever.
More sparring.

For Dad (and everyone else)...

This is too funny!!! Redneck Wedding

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Last week I had a parent/teacher conference with Daniel's teacher. She talked about how he's made huge improvements this year and is at grade level in all of his subjects. He's a good writer and loves art. He's also quiet in class, never disruptive, and seems to have many friends. However, she had some concerns about how he looks like he's working but he's really doodling. She also said that he has to sit in the front of the room because if she moves him, he goes off into his own world. She's concerned about third grade because, "they have to work so much more independently."

At the end of the conference, she told me that she thought it would be a good idea to chat with our pediatrician about Daniel. She'd be happy to write a letter for me to give to him if I'd like. I told her fine (to get her off my back). That letter came home yesterday.

I was more than angry when I read the letter. She's given me no indication, before now, that things were as bad as she says they are. The line, "his mother has also expressed some issues at home that complicate his performance at home and with homework," irritated me beyond belief. WTF? I told her that he hates doing his homework. Ugh. Anyway...

She listed his strengths and weaknesses as she sees them. I did smile when she said he is "uniquely creative" and listed it as a strength. However, some of her weaknesses piss me off.

*doodles, fidgets at desk when attention is needed
*reads in a flat, monotone voice
*lacks organizational skills
*doesn't seek help when needed
*homework is often late and is not completed thoroughly (this, I know for a fact, is crap)

She's also concerned that he relies heavily on her. Honestly, I can't believe some of this stuff. I'm not saying Daniel is the greatest student in the world but come on. She even had the nerve to bring up crap that happened in kindergarten. Seriously?

Mike and I decided to make Daniel an appointment with his pediatrician (for Monday) but refuse to even consider medication (unless he has an actually disease or whatever) and we will be telling them that.

I'm not kidding myself here, though. I know Daniel can be a challenge. I've been doing a lot of research online and, while I don't think he has ADHD, I do think there may be an underlying learning disability of some sort. He fits very nicely in some of the categories (trouble learning letters, rhyming, etc). I can't help but think that, in some ways, he's lost. Here's the problem: the school has to do the LD evaluation and testing. This brings in my favorite person in the world, the school psychologist. The same guy that said Daniel was clinically depressed and had severe anxiety disorder. Awesome. However, it's a ton of work for them, which makes me smile just a little.

The good thing about a possible LD diagnosis is that he would either fall under a Section 504 and/or IEP (individualized education plan). This would mean that his teacher's concern about more independent study in third grade would be thrown out since if he needs more personalized attention, he's legally required to have it.

I think what makes me so mad is that the possibility of anything other than ADHD has been completely ruled out by his school up until now. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself here but grrrrrrrr!!! That's my baby boy they're messing with!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Poem

Daniel brought home his family unit project today. Inside was a poem he wrote about me. I thought it was so cute that I have to share. This is the poem, exactly as he wrote it.

For the family mom bakes.
In the oven she grills stakes.
After exercising mom is sore.
Then she sleeps in bed and snores.
Mom cleans up a lot of messes.
She even cleans up Hannah's dresses.
I get hugs and kisses every night.
Mom makes my room a little bright!