Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Friday Already?

Of course, this feels like the longest week ever, too. Go figure.

The kids all had colds this week. Hannah came home from school on Monday with a fever, which meant she couldn't go to school on Tuesday. Even though she was fine. Jacob woke up Wednesday morning and I knew, just by looking at him, that he wasn't going to school. I knew Daniel had developed a cough and when I asked him how he was feeling, he told me, "I'm over all that 'sick' stuff. I'm going to school." Okay then. Wednesday afternoon, I started feeling sick.

Thursday, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck but all of the kids went to school (yay!). However, it was Native American Day in the first grade and I had volunteered to help. *Sigh* Hannah knew I was coming and I felt bad about telling her that I wasn't. So, I heavily medicated myself and headed up to the school.

I was stationed in the "rainstick room," which was good because I could sit the whole time. However, helping 65 kids create rainsticks was more than I was ready for. I was completely exhausted by the time we were done. I so wanted to come home and curl up in bed but since I didn't get home until after 2, that was out. However, I did get a short nap between pickup and tae kwon do, which was nice.

Today, I'm still not feeling well. Hannah has a Daisy Girl Scout field trip to the marble factory (yes, there's a marble factory out here!) after school but I don't have to do anything but pick her up later. Jacob's "camping" with one of the Boy Scout Troops he's been looking at joining tonight. Mike's going with him. I guess they're going indoor rock climbing and they're just going to camp at the place. Many of his friends are going, too, so that should be fun. This is also the last requirement for his Arrow of Light Award (the highest award a Cub Scout can the Eagle for Boy Scouts) and the only Cub Scout award that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform. I really wish Jacob would just pick a troop already. I'm tired of the phone calls from the different troops. He's pretty sure he's going to go with the Jewish troop (mostly because several of his friends really liked it, too, and are probably going to join as well) but he's not sure. Girl Scouts is so much easier.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pardon Me While I Vent

There's this lady at the school that just rubs me the wrong way. Seriously. They are a new family this year and she volunteered to be the room mom in Daniel's class. After the first party was a total disaster (instead of asking for help from co-room mom, Melissa, a veteran room mom, she decided to do it all and fell on her face.), you'd think she'd learn that she can't do it all and that there are others that actually want to help. But, if you don't ask, we can't. This is also the same mom that I got into an argument with about making nativity scenes at the winter party ("Jews believe in Jesus so why would they be offended?")

To her credit, she tried to apologize if she offended me and then turned around and basically told me that I was an idiot, so, I've completely written her off.

I seriously think my blood pressure goes through the roof just by hearing her name. What makes me angry the most is that I let her get to me this much. I've never had someone piss me off the way she does.

Today, she stopped me in the school parking lot and asked if I'd gotten the e-mail regarding the Valentine's party. I told her no. She actually called me a liar. I told her that I haven't gotten one e-mail from her all year. Again, I'm a liar. I told her that 3 months ago I told her that I wasn't on her e-mail train and, more than likely, there were others that weren't on it as well. She told me to shut up. It was at this point I walked away.

She followed me.

"What's your e-mail address?" she asked over and over while running after me. I wanted to ask her why she needed it if I was lying but decided to just give her the stupid e-mail address.

So, if you ever find out I've been arrested for assault, you'll know'll be because I finally got fed up and punched her in the face.