Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacob's First Concert

Tonight, Jacob had his first orchestra concert. I love my new camera (yes, Dad, it's 14 megapixels!!!) because it has a pretty good video thing on it. I didn't think this (or the pictures) was (were) too bad considering I was standing in the back of the gym and he was in the front. I can't believe how many memories this brought back. Especially because they had to wear white shirts and black pants. So many years of doing this stuff. Up until now, they've just been plucking (which has been very frustrating for Jacob) but Tuesday, they get to start using their bows!

Anyway, here's some video and pictures from the concert. Unfortunately, my batteries decided to die with one song left to go, but it was more of the same.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...

I love birthdays, but I hate getting older. I suppose it's inevitable, though. I had a very nice birthday. My friend, Val, took me out for a pedicure yesterday. I'd never had one before and I think I'm already addicted. I've always been afraid of them because I'm so ticklish and because my toes are so strange. Amazingly, I didn't laugh once and my toes look awesome.

Some of you may remember my friend, Kirsten (from Columbia and PHS). We've reconnected recently on Facebook (have I mentioned how much I love Facebook lately?)She just had triplets on Saturday. There's a picture of them on her blog. She actually made it to 34 weeks and wasn't even in the hospital for that long. Pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day...and Some Other Stuff

Really quick...here's a picture of Jacob with the very first fish he ever caught. Some of the kids caught a ton of fish, but Jacob only caught this one. I still think it's pretty cool.

It's Election Day! I love Election Day. I may be a nerd, but I still get little butterflies when I hit that "cast ballot" button on the voting machine. I was expecting to wait for a while in line but the whole thing took me only 15 minutes. I guess Mike had to wait for about 45 minutes when he went at 6am. I can't help but think that the early voting helped with the lines.

I was watching the news yesterday and, for the first time ever, I wished I was in Dubuque. Sarah Palin was speaking there at a rally yesterday. Figures. Oh well. I don't really think that seeing Sarah Palin speak for an hour would make up for living in the armpit of Iowa. Ugh...I hated Dubuque. But you all know that.

Anyway, I hope you all get out and vote today...and that you don't have to wait in long lines!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wild and Crazy Week

Things are finally starting to slow down here. Daniel had his last football game this past Saturday so there are no more practices to go to. I'm done with my AR duty twice a week in the school library and I've gotten through one class party in kindergarten. I'm just so thrilled that things are starting to slow down.

I had some karma bite me in the butt yesterday. At about 5pm last night, Jacob tells me that he needs to work on his book project that's due today. Okay, so what do you have to do? First, he needs to read the book (The Summer of the Swans...he hadn't even started!) and then he needs to do a book report and make a project for it as well. Ugh. Well, we got through it with time to spare and his diorama looked really good. It certainly brought back memories of Mom typing my term paper at 11pm the night before it was due. It does seem that the kids have picked up my procrastination gene. Poor things.

Halloween was fun. The kids got lots of good candy during trick-or-treating and even got to go with some of their friends. Mike took them out and I stayed home to man the door...although the doorbell only rang twice. Oh well.

Mike and Jacob went on a den camping trip this weekend. Jacob finally caught his first fish. His group also won the fire starting contest, which doesn't sound good when it's written out in a blog. LOL!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to going out and voting tomorrow. I'm hoping that everyone voted early (and aren't planning to vote often!) and that the lines will be short. I love election day. Don't forget that you can get free coffee at Starbucks after you vote!