Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hannah's Birthday

I was going to post these yesterday, but I wasn't in the mood. On Tuesday, we took Hannah for a birthday dinner and we came home for cake and presents. She got an American Girl doll and Dora Candyland. She loved both. Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not a good day

Today sucks. I'm tired and things just don't seem to be going well. I made the decision to send out an e-mail to a group and now I feel like I'm drowning. Mike calls to tell me about his car and I pick a fight with him. Not cool on my part. It's not his fault I'm in a bad mood. I just feel like I'm going to be sick. It's my fault but I rarely put myself in a postion where I'm rocking the boat. And now that I have, I'm having a hard time dealing with it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Real Pain In The...

I thought that this cake was going to kill me. None of the outlines from the cake pan showed up on the cake so I had to make Strawberry Shortcake freehand. It didn't turn out too badly, though. Unfortunately, some of the frosting on her face shrank and you can see the cake underneath, but I really don't care. I think Hannah's cake turned out pretty cute.

Jacob's Report Card

Jacob brought home his report card yesterday. I was a little nervous because his midterm report was a little low. He managed to pull it together, A in Reading, B in Math, A in Spelling. He also got an Outstanding in Art and Conduct and a Satisfactory in PE and Music. I'm happy for him since he had a C in Math and a B in Spelling at midterm. His average Accelerated Reading level is 2.6 (second grade, sixth month). Needless to say, we're pretty proud of him!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Too Funny

Last night, we were watching America's Funniest Home Videos. There was this dumb guy clipping a little lizard to various parts of his body. I had to laugh at the conversation:

Hannah: It's lizard! It's lizard!
Me: I know. It is a lizard.
Hannah: Lizards funny.
Jacob: Lizards are ectotherms.
Me: ?
Jacob: They are. They're ectotherms.
Me: Okay.
Jacob: It means they can't control their body heat. They're ectotherms.

Jacob's a freaking sponge.

Here's some conversation from when Hannah and I picked Daniel up from school this afternoon:

Me: Hey Daniel, tomorrow we're probably going to have to get you some new shoes and a haircut.
Daniel: No. I don't want a haircut.
Me: What? You were so upset about not getting one yesterday.
Daniel: NO, I don't want a haircut. It totally ruins my day.
(Hannah starts messing with Daniel)
Daniel: See? Hannah bugging me is why my day is ruined!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Gourmet Girlfriends

I did that Gourmet Girlfriends thing yesterday morning. It was so much fun! Gourmet Girlfriends is a program where you go and make up 6 or 12 meals all at one time. You take them home and put them in the freezer for use later. Since everything is raw, it's not like you are having leftovers because you are cooking everything for the first's just already put together and ready for the oven. It's nice to know that these are in the freezer for when I'm having one of those days where I can't get my act together.

I get there and the lady asks for my name. I tell her and she says, "oh, we were talking about you!" I've never seen this lady in my life, so I say, "ooookkkkaaaayyy," a little wierded out. I guess I picked the hardest dinner list of everyone. Seeing myself as a pretty good cook, I say, "I'm always up for a challenge." I start going around, putting all of my meals together and the owner keeps asking me if I'm doing okay. I say yes. She asks if I've gotten any of the hard meals done yet. I ask which ones were the hard ones? She tells me and by this point I've done all but 2. She seems a little shocked. When I left at 12:05 (the time block was 10-12), there were still several girls with a couple of meals left to do. They had expected me to be there until 1 at least. Last night, we had the Crusted Beef Tenderloin and Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole. It was very yummy and there was a bunch left over. Tonight, we're having the Crispy Salmon Filets (I hate fish so this should be interesting) with the Carrot Coins.

I can't wait to go do this again!

Into You Like A Train

It's sad that I'm devoting another post to GA, but here it is. Tonight's episode is a rerun. I could be upset, but I won't be since the episode they're showing is Into You Like a Train. One of the best episodes of the season. There are so many wonderful things about this episode...Bonnie and Tom, the couple on the pole, only one can live...Merideth screaming "you can't just abandon her!"...McDreamy breaking down in the elevator because of the whole "if love were enough, I'd still be with you" speech. I'm going to be a wreck from 10-11 tonight.

On a semi-related note, Mike was flipping through channels yesterday and came across the movie Mobsters. I'm in the other room, so he yells, "hey Barb, your lover is in this movie." I said, "really? Patrick Dempsey is in this movie?" (I knew exactly who he was talking about) I had never even heard of it. When PD comes on the screen, Mike asks, "is he really that good looking?" I said, "well, not really in this movie, but now, oh yeah. He's hot." Mike just shakes his head. Cracks me up. I think Mike thinks I've lost my mind. He's very good at humoring me, though!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hannah's Party

Some cute pictures from Hannah's Birthday Party...
Getting ready to play hot potato!

Hannah gives Havana her goody plate

Some of the kids gather for a photo

Hannah poses in front of her Happy Birthday sign

We had Hannah's third birthday party this afternoon. It was so cute. We had lots of kids there...14 including our 3. It was so nice to be able to walk away from all of the mess that was made. 1 1/2 hours and we were done. I do have to say that Hannah really made out with the presents. Let's just say that it was a very Dora birthday. Only a couple of gifts were not Dora related.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Friday

Jacob lost another tooth last night. No fits. He even said to me, "I'm not crying this time, Mom." I'm just thankful he's such a heavy sleeper and had no problem getting the tooth out from under his pillow.

I came downstairs this morning and couldn't figure out what the noise I heard was. I finally trace it to the fish tank...the filter had stopped working and was making this horrible noise. Poor fish. The water looked pretty nasty, too. So, after we dropped Daniel off at school, Hannah and I went over to Petsmart to get a new filter. It's such a treat for the kids to go to the petstore; they love to look at the fish and birds and small animals. Today, Hannah was fascinated by the chinchilla (sp?). It was too cute (both Hannah and the chinchilla).

After the petstore, we went over to Martin's (our grocery store) to pick up some stuff for dinner tonight. They've been changing things around and it's infuriating to not be able to find anything. I've been going over to the new WalMart (I know...but Barb, you said you hate WalMart! I do, but this one's new and it doesn't smell like feet plus, hardly anyone shops there so I can get right in and right out) But today, I was right there and decided to go ahead and hit Martin's. (for those of you in the area and don't know) They've put in three aisles of organic stuff, including a full line of Burt's Bees! Oh, I can't wait for the new one on Rt. 7 to open in May!

Daniel's been complaining the whole time he's been home from school. I'm not kidding. The whole time. It's killing me. He may have to nap today.

I'm doing that Gourmet Girlfriends tomorrow morning. My neighbor did it earlier this week and loved it. She said that she hasn't tried the food yet but it's pretty cool knowing that she's got stuff for dinner in her freezer. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh What A Ride!

Sadly, the Braves lost tonight to Memphis. Not a real shocker but still disappointing. Who knew a little school from Peoria could get to the Sweet 16 anyway? Way to go, guys! I'm proud of you!

The Whole Grey's Anatomy Thing

I was on the Grey's message board (I know...I know...get a life, right?) and I was reading a trivia thread. As I'm reading, I'm thinking, these are easy!

Which character went to Dartmouth?
What was the missing ingredient in Izzy's cupcakes?
How many sisters does Derek (McDreamy) have?
What's Derek's favorite band?
Who first called Derek "McDreamy"?
What day of the week was Merideth and Derek's last "happy couple" kiss?
What's the first thing Burke says to Cristina during his rant at the end of the episode where he finds out Cristina didn't give up her apartment?
I could go on, but won't.

So, I say to Mike, "these are so easy, I think you could get these." And I start reading them. What's funny is the only one Mike got was the day of the week question...and I think he guessed. He then says to me, "I've never seen you this obsessed with a TV show before." I asked him, "how many times a day do you look at" He says, "several, at least." I made the realization that this is my sports and it's not wierd. So there.

BTW, can anyone else answer these questions?

I Can Finally Post Again!

Hannah came down the stairs at playgroup on Monday all dressed up like Spiderman.

I tried to post yesterday (really, I did!) but it wouldn't let me. I guess Sue's blog problems transferred over to me!

Saturday night, Mike and I decided to take the kids to Ichiban...a Japanese Steakhouse. The kids love it because of the show and there's no worry about keeping them entertained. All day long, I knew that I was going to have to move Daniel's bike since it was kind of in the driveway. We get everyone loaded in the van and start backing out of the garage. Suddenly, we hear a thump. I immediately remembered the bike. Mike's yelling, "what was that!" It took me a minute to say "I hit Daniel's bike." Mike gets out to survey the damage. None to the's trashed. Bikes just don't seem to make it in this house. Mostly because the kids don't know how to put their stuff away! Arg.

Saturday is Hannah's birthday party...we're doing it at Scoops...the same place we had Daniel's last month. Should be interesting. 13 screaming 3 and 4 year olds, not including my own. Add my kids and you've got 16! Boy I'm glad we're not having it at home.

Saturday morning, I'm going to do this thing called Gourmet Girlfriends. What you do is go in for 2 hours and make 12 dinners to take home and freeze. They do all of the shopping and prep work, all I do is go in and put everything together. If nothing else, it'll get us out of the dinner rut we're in. I'm getting tired of stew, pork chops and chicken. Although I did make a good Italian Beef last night. Jacob ate a whole sandwich!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Birthday at the Fire Station

Lindsay, Matthew, Samantha, Daniel, Hannah and Timothy hang out on the back of the fire truck

The party gang hanging out in front of a fire truck (I'm in the red shirt on the right side holding Hannah)

The kids were invited to a birthday party today for a friend at the firestation. Only Daniel and Hannah were able to go because of Sunday School but he was okay with that. The kids had a great time looking at the trucks. Hannah was scared, though.

SWEET 16 HERE WE COME!!!!!! (and FU Billy Packer)

Anyone else wanna doubt that we deserve to be at the tournament? Anyone? How about Wichita State? Do they deserve to be there? Both Bradley and Wichita took care of business in the second round. HOW YOU LIKE US NOW?!?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hey Dad...

Dad...can you look and see if there's a Bradley basketball shirt from their NCAA trip at the bookstore? They don't have one online.


Friday, March 17, 2006


(That title's for Mike...sorry SIU lost)

My beloved BRADLEY BRAVES knocked off Kansas tonight!!!!! In your face to all those who said we didn't belong in the NCAA tournament! Missouri Valley's got TWO TEAMS moving on!

On to the second round!!!!!

I'm Beginning To Feel Old

I registered Daniel for kindergarten this morning. How sad is that? It really doesn't seem right that he's old enough to be starting kindergarten. Although when he actually starts, he'll be older than Jacob was when he started kindergarten. It's just that he's my baby boy and he's not ready to start school! Poor kid, he thought that as soon as he turned 5, he'd get to go to kindergarten. In fact, the day after his birthday, he was telling Jacob that he was going to school with him on the bus. He's so ready to go and is very much looking forward to riding the bus. He's tired of preschool...I don't think it's challenging enough for him. I'm going to go cry now...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Can't These Two Kids Just Get Along?

So I'm checking e-mail (okay, you caught me...I was on the Grey's message board) when AOL logs itself off. It happens occasionally, so I didn't think much of it. I go to log back on but can't. I try again. No go. Humm. After trying everything I know to do, I call AOL. I felt like that guy in the credit card commercial..."for a shinier credit card, say yes." It was frustrating because everytime the kids would talk, the computer lady would say, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand." AAAAAAAcccccccckkkkkkkkk! I just want a real person! I finally get one and she says that my problem is technical...please hold. Over 1 hour later, still no one. It's after 8 and, against my better judgement, I hang up the phone! Mike's at play practice and the kids need baths. Arg. Okay...the kids are in bed and I'm watching American Idol. Once that's over, I decide to try again. The computer lady's not so bad to deal with this time and she sends me to tech again. I wait for a little over 1/2 hour this time and finally get a person! I walk her through what's going on, and tell her that there's an error message that says "72-MCLL." She immediately asks if I have Norton. I say yes. She says they released an update around 4 this afternoon that sees AOL as a virus. That's why they were so busy. So many people calling about the same error message. I need to shut down the Norton and try to log on...if I can get on, then it's the Norton and I probably need to call them and try to figure something out. Of course, it works. I thank her and hang up (problem resolved in less than 5 minutes after waiting over 1 1/2 hours). I thought that maybe if I went ahead and turned the Norton back on it might be able to recognize AOL as friendly. Success! So far, so good. At least I know if it happens again what the problem is. I just don't understand why Norton and AOL hate each other so much!

I Spoke Too Soon

Okay...I'm a bad mom. I sent my kid to school sick. I didn't realize he was sick. I really expected the school to be calling me yesterday to pick him call. I'm checking out some stuff on the computer this morning when I see Jonna walking up to my front door. I answer the door and she says, "Mike's trying to get in touch with you. Jacob's in the nurse's office with 103 fever." Crap. Of course I left my cell phone in the car and didn't get the school's message...luckily, there was only 20 minutes between the time they called and when he was picked up. The nurse was so resourceful (at least I thought she was until Mike told me he asked her to)! She found a note that I had given earlier this year saying Jacob could have Motrin for a toothache and gave him a dose. I wonder if he'll be able to go to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Everyone's Feeling a Little Better

Jacob got up this morning and I think he was expecting to stay home again. I took his temperature, no fever. He said his stomach still hurt a little. Hmmm. He was really upset that I wouldn't let him go outside and play on a sick day - my thought is if you're sick, you don't need to be running around outside infecting your friends. He had said to me yesterday that he didn't want to miss today since he has PE (yes, we've come that far this year) today. I reminded him of this and he got dressed really quickly. I have a feeling that I'll be getting a phone call this morning from the school telling me to come pick him up.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Never a Good Sign

After dropping Daniel off at school this morning, we headed to Target to pick up Hannah's medicine and get some for Jacob. While pulling out of the school, I heard a lot of sirens but didn't see anything so I didn't think much of it. We turned down Kent Street in front of the courthouse and watched as all of the officers were heading inside the courthouse. Lots of courtdates today, I guess. We cross Boscowan Street and the car in front of me is completely stopped. I then see one officer run across the street. Then another. Then another. They run back across. I look to the left and see about 4 squad cars and 2 unmarked cars pulled over. Probably 8 officers running around. Here's the creepy part...they were running around with their guns ready to go. Fantastic. Now I'm stuck at a stop light and there are all of these officers ready for a possible gun fight. Luckily, the light changed and I was able to get the heck out of there but I was pretty freaked out!

Why Is Everyone Getting Sick?!?

When I got up this morning, I heard the TV. That means either Jacob or Daniel has already gotten up. Probably Jacob because I heard cartoons (Jacob knows how to use the remote). I came downstairs and Jacob was all bundled up with his flannel blanket spread out on the floor, his pillow and blanket over the top of him. I asked him what he would like for breakfast. He said nothing because his stomach hurt. I looked at him and saw that his face was bright red and his eyes were all glossy. Great. I felt his forehead...burning up. No school for him. Gave him some Motrin and waited for Daniel to come down and tell me that if Jacob wasn't going to school, neither was he. Thank goodness that never happened because he was excited about going on his field trip. Everyone got dressed so we could take Daniel to school and pick up Hannah's medicine (all the pharmacies in this town close at 5 on Sunday!!!!!). Poor kid. When it rains, it pours!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I'm not sure if today is the actual day for Purim, but the synagogue had it's annual Purim celebration this morning. The kids got dressed in their costumes and we headed down. This year, the high school kids added games and face painting to the float festivities (the teams had to make a float to help Esther run from Hayman). Each member of the team also had to be wearing a hat (which is why the kids have paper hats on). After the float contest, we grabbed some (I'm going to wreck the spelling of this) hamentaschen...cookies with filling and headed home. I think the kids just liked being able to go out in costumes!

The ER - Where Everyone Knows Our Name

Poor Hannah. Most of yesterday, she had been having a hard time with wheezing. I gave her Albuterol but it didn't seem to help (it also didn't help that she was running around like a maniac with her brothers. We had promised the kids on Friday that we would take them to see Curious George on Saturday. I thought that it might be nice for Hannah...that way she would have to be calm. I told Mike that if her breathing didn't improve by the evening, I was taking her to ER.

After the movie, we went into the mall (the theater is in the mall) to get the kids some Spring clothes. At The Children's Place, Hannah began saying her chest hurt and saying she couldn't breathe. Mike decided to carry her the rest of the way. It was decided that we would stop and got the kids some dinner and I would take Hannah to the ER.

We got to the ER and the receptionist was busy with someone else. There was a sign that told us to fill out a card and wait to be called. I began filling out the card when someone came up behind us. After I filled it out, I looked at the guy and asked him "where do we put these?" He said, "I don't know...I'm following your lead." About that time, the receptionist came, took my card and told us to have a seat by her.

They took Hannah's vitals and told us to have a seat, they'd be with us in a few minutes. All of the people in the reception area were so upset that they didn't take her right back. They'd gladly give up their spot ahead of her to let her get in first. I guess that wasn't necessary as they did take us back before any of them.

The nurse came in and told me that he thought that Hannah was fine and that he didn't think anything was wrong but the doctor would be in soon. The doctor then came in and said that she wanted Hannah to have a breathing treatment but she would also need a chest x-ray and RSV/flu scan. Just as a precaution. The guy from Radiology fell in love with Hannah. She was so good and when they were taking the x-rays, she'd smile and say "cheese!" They were so concerned about getting her stickers that I worried they wouldn't read the films. He walked us back to our room and told Hannah to "always stay as cute as you are now."

Another nurse came in looking for an oxygen tank. Apparently, we had one under the bed Hannah was laying on. He stopped and talked to Hannah for about 5 minutes and left. Every time he would pass the room after that, he would stop and wave at her.

The nurse came in with the breathing treatment. He said that the RSV/flu scans were clear. Thank God. He handed me the tube and said that someone from Respiratory would be down to show us how to use the spacer inhaler...if we needed anything, let him know. At the same time the treatment was over, the guy from Respiratory showed up. He showed me how to use the inhaler with the spacer (they thought she could handle it, and she sure can!) and said the doctor would be back shortly.

The doctor came back and said that the x-rays were clear and her breathing had really improved with the treatment and asked if I had any questions. Diagnosis: Bronchitis. She went over the inhaler with us again and said that after she completed some paperwork, we'd be on our way.

The nurse came in with the antibiotic (since we have no 24 hour pharmacies he wanted to make sure she could get her medicine last night and this morning with no problems) and had me sign some stuff and we were out the door.

Leaving the ER, Hannah was like a caged animal who'd just been set free. She was so excited to be leaving but she had to stop and say goodbye to everyone. All of the secretaries, nurses and doctors we waving and yelling "bye Hannah! Feel better!" all of the way down the hall. Even the security guard who let us out and the receptionist were eager to say goodbye to her. Both Hannah and Daniel have a way of making medical personnel fall in love with them. The last time Daniel was in, he had patients coming in to say goodbye to him!

She's feeling better today...breathing better (although still a little wheezy) and I think she'll make it!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh Snap! Soprano's in Da Hooouuussee

(That title is for you, Sue!)

Just another thing for me to become obsessed about...the new season of The Soprano's starts on Sunday (this was the only reason we got HBO in the first place)! I guess there's no more Desperate Housewives for me since they come on at the same time. What other show can go off of the air for 20+ months and still have such a huge following? Sunday's going to be an awesome TV night for the next few months!

I Can't Think of a Title

What an interesting week. I can't believe it's Thursday already. Time needs to slow down just a little bit. Here's a taste of what we've been up to this week:

Hannah and I went to playgroup. There are usually 4-5 of us there, (although there are technically 7 of us on the playgroup roster) and this week was no exception. It was funny because Bette and Erin talked knitting most of the time and Michelle and I talked Grey's Anatomy most of the time (3 days until the new episode!). I need to learn to knit. I bought a "I taught myself how to crochet" book but I don't get it. Oh well. Maybe I'll just stick to quilt making. Anyway, I was praised for the pictures I took at Jake's birthday party. I was told that you could "tell I was a scrapbooker." What does that mean? I hate taking pictures for other people...I'm always afraid that I'm going to disappoint them. I guess I didn't this time!

I had a Crop Club Monday was fun to sit and gab with the girls. We usually get very little work done but it's nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversation.

Considering going back to school. I've looked at master's programs and I just don't know if I really want to be a teacher when I grow up. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching, but none of the masters programs in education interest me. I don't want to go into administration, special ed, I thought maybe reading specialist but I don't think I want to do that either. I started looking at the second bachelor's degrees offered at SU. I've been floating the nursing idea in my mind for years. I wrote the dean and asked what I would have to do to get a degree. I had a response within 15 minutes. Their program is 18 months in length (they highly recommend that you do not have a second job while doing this), so if I were to start in the fall, I would graduate in December 2007. (imagine that, me, graduating on time!?!?) They're sending me an application packet. Mike says that if this is what I want to do, we'll find a way to make it work. I guess it can't hurt to apply and see what happens.

I found out yesterday that Harry Browne died of Lou Gherig's disease. He was only 72. What a shame. For those of you who don't know, Harry ran for President on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1996 and 2000. He was a very dynamic man. I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions - the one that I remember the best is at the convention in Indianapolis (I can't believe I remember anything from that convention) walking with Mike, Harry and his wife to the convention floor. Mike said last night that he remembered Harry giving him a standing ovation when Mike won Libertarian of the Year at the LPI convention years ago. For some reason, I only vaguely remember that convention. He was a great man and he will be missed.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Piece Of Advice

After over 8 hours of cleaning today, here's the biggest thing I not start cleaning walls unless you intend to clean every wall in your house because that one clean wall you clean will make the others look even dirtier than they actually are! I don't know how I'm even typing with my claw of a hand after cleaning all of the walls on my first floor with magic erasers (the greatest invention of all time - I went through 8 of them)!

SIU Sucks Bradley lost. Big whoop. Fingers crossed that they still get in the NCAA tournament!

Let The Cleaning Begin (and other observations)

Hannah went to Jake's birthday party yesterday and had a great time. She was eager to do every part of the party...balloon popping, pin the tail on the donkey, pinata...she was a mad woman with that pinata. All of the kids were so darn cute and since most of the girls there are in my playgroup, the conversation was easy.

We come home to find the house trashed. Not really any more trashed than normally occurs on the weekend, actually, it might have been a little better than normal, but I can't take it anymore. I went to Target and stocked up on cleaning supplies so that I can begin Spring Cleaning today. I even bought gloves that have aloe inside (the package says that the more you wear them, the better your hands feel) and a new broom. I stocked up on toilet cleanser, Magic Erasers, Pine Sol, Windex, a new bucket, Swiffer stuff and bathroom cleanser. (Thanks, Sue, for talking me through Target...yes, I was one of "those people" who putter through a store on the phone) Unfortunately, the cleaning bug I had yesterday seems to have passed today and I can't get off of my butt to start. I have my plan of action all drawn up and ready to go...I'm just not ready. Another cup of coffee, and I might be.

Reading the Sunday Post this morning I was shocked to see that there's a huge article about Bradley and the MVC on the front page of the sports section. Bradley and SIU are going to be playing for the MVC championship...should make life in this house very interesting. If only I could find the kids Bradley shirts! Ordinarily, I couldn't care less about basketball but when my team makes the Post, how exciting is that? Sorry, honey, but this is war and I don't really care if SIU needs this win...I'm rooting for Bradley. You know you'd do the same in my shoes.

GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Finally Friday

Wow. It's Friday. Where did the week go? I'm a little thrown since Mike took Wednesday off. He even came home early yesterday. He says it's because he has another big project coming up and he wants to come home at a "normal" time for a while. Sounds good to me.

Hannah is going to her first birthday party (the first party that only she is invited to...not the boys) tomorrow. She's so excited. Every time I mention it to Mike, he laughs. He thinks that their little worlds are so cute. Sometime today, I have to go buy a gift which means taking the kids to either WalMart or Target. My kids are such beggars...especially Daniel.

For the first time ever (I think) I was referred to as "skinny." Some neighbors and I were talking at the bus stop and two of them were talking about going tanning (one is very tall and thin herself) because "tan fat looks better than white fat" (I'm sure I just lost Debbie to a heart attack). I made a typical comment that sounded something like "yeah, I wish I were as fat as you." My other neighbor looked at me and said "what the heck are you talking about? You've gotten so skinny and I hate you for it." WHAT!?! Me? Really? Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.

I am not alone in my Grey's Anatomy obsession! I found another friend (a real one, not one online) just as obsessed as I am! Finally! Someone who understands! LOL! In fact, I got at least three e-mails from her yesterday about GA. So, Sue, I guess you are off the hook. Even though there's no show this week (freaking Oscars) I've had my Patrick Dempsey fix in several different places this week...Oprah, Barbara Walters and they showed Sweet Home Alabama last night. This is getting very sad. Seriously. I need to get a life.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Pretty Good Day

Yesterday was pretty good. Mike actually took yesterday off and I was able to go to Weight Watchers alone. To add to that, I lost 3 pounds, bringing my total at WW to 22.8 pounds. Only 7 more pounds to goal! Whoo hoo!

I went out last night to get coffee for me and Mike. When I got back, I heard Daniel at the top of the stairs saying, "MOOOOOOMMM! We got trouble up here!" I went up and the trouble was a little spider in his room. It was so funny. We got trouble. He always says things that make me just want to squeeze him! Lately, he's been really interested in babies. He keeps asking if he was in my tummy and things like that. He asked Hannah the other day when she is going to have her baby. I said to him, "not for at least 30 years!" When telling this story to my playgroup girls, they told me that in 25 years, I'll be asking her where my grandkids are!

A message from Daniel: