Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Hate My Phone Company

Good luck trying to call us for the forseeable future. I tried to log onto the computer last night (yes, we still have dial-up) and there was no dial tone. I checked our main dial tone. I called Verizon (using a cell phone) and got all of their stupid automated junk. The computer told me how to test the outside line. Do that and call back (and go through all of their automated prompts...again). So, I grab a corded phone and a screwdriver and head outside to test the line. No dial tone. I call back and it wants me to do it again and tries to hang up on me. I start screaming "no! I need an operator!" and finally get through to a real person. She says that she can't get someone out to the house before Thursday. I explain to her that I have no dial internet. She says she's sorry but the best she can do is forward my calls to my cell. Well, she screwed that up because when you call, you get the error message saying you have to dial a 1 before the number. Nice. I gave her a huge piece of my mind (prefaced with a, "I know this is not your fault" disclaimer) and informed her that I'd probably be shopping around for a new phone company. Well, magically, we have dial tone again today but my calls are still being "forwarded" (no they're not!) to my cell and no matter what I do, I can't get another live person on the phone. "Call back M-F from 8am to 6pm." All I want is for them to stop forwarding our calls!

Doo Dah Day

Saturday was Doo Dah Day. It's a children's festival at the park. MOMS Club set up a nursing/changing tent complete with a lolipop tree and prizes. I worked the tent for the first hour and we were swamped. I've never been more happy to see reinforcements than when Colleen showed up to replace me at 11. I came home and picked up Mike and the kids, and we headed back to the park. We spent all afternoon there playing games and bouncing in the moon bounce things. The kids got to see a puppet show and a reptile show. Jacob loved seeing the boa constrictor. Of course, we all ate way too much...funnel cakes, smoothies, ribbon fries, hot dogs, even coffee. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

One of the games was to look through a bunch of hay to find a prize. They all loved this one.

The kids pose with a tiger at the photo op booth. Daniel kept asking if the tiger was real!

This is the MOMS Club booth we set up. Inside the tent were rocking chairs so that moms could nurse comfortably and changing tables so babies didn't have to be changed on the ground. It was very successful!

This is the poster that I made. I thought it turned out nice.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Daniel's Field Trip

Daniel and Hannah share an unusual moment of love for each other this morning!

Daniel heading up the stairs to the big slide

Playing in front while waiting to go inside

Hannah and Daniel inside the mouth of a shark

Daniel's class field trip to Dinosaur Land and Sherando Park was this morning. While I find Dinosaur Land incredibly boring, the kids love it. My question is, why is it always so cold when we go there? Brrr. It was chilly. Daniel's favorite was seeing King Kong. Hannah loved the slide at the park. We're all pretty tired now and I'm hoping that Hannah naps this afternoon!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weekly Update

I've been meaning to post all week...we've been outside so much that I've barely gotten my e-mail checked. Oh's good for the kids.

Let's see...Tuesday, we were outside all day. I started planting my impatients (8 flats to be exact!) and was feeling pretty good about the yard. A neighbor, Alicia, and her kids walked by and we stopped to talk. She began on her way again when I heard really loud music (I thought it was thunder). All of the sudden, a car comes screaming up the street. I look towards the top of the street and see Hannah and Daniel riding their bikes. All I could do was scream "slow down" (it was a really bizarre scream). He was going fast enough that had he hit the kids, he would have killed them. Honestly, I don't know how even one of them didn't get hit. So, some punk in the back leans his head out the window and starts screaming "f*&^ you!" At this point, Alicia is on the corner talking with another neighbor, Jackie. Jackie starts screaming at these kids too and they start screaming at her. They never stopped at the stop sign at the top of the street and took the corner at around 30 mph. I'm shaking and am almost in tears by this point. Jackie starts walking down the street towards me, on the phone. She got the license plate number and had called 911. An officer's on his way. Jackie's furious; I'm hystercal. She calms me down a bit and Mike arrives home. We let him know what happened and that we think it's a kid down the street. Mike says that he's going to talk to this kid's dad so he's not blindsided when a cop comes knocking at his door. The officer arrives and Jackie and I pounce on his car. I feel so badly for this poor officer...I don't think he realized what he was getting into with us. Jackie's screaming "I want the fear of God put in this kid!" and I'm screaming "that punk would have killed my kids!" He assures us he'll take care of it. At this point, Cheryl (the kid's mother) comes down the street, clearly concerned that Jackie and I are talking to a cop. She stops and asks what happened. We tell her and she furiously drives home. We all head home. About 20 minutes later, Cheryl's at my door. She said that she called her son to ask him who's blue neon he was in. He said that he was on a moped. Crap...I did see him go by on a moped. I didn't realize that there's another teenager (not belonging to Cheryl) on the street. Hmmmm...lots of apologies to Cheryl (I never could place her kid in the car but Jackie was sure he was there) and it seemed to be over for now. Jackie calls around 8 and tells me that the cop called her to tell her that they found the kid and the mom. The mother assured him that this kid would be severely disciplined.

Wednesday, there was a little more planting and more outside time. We had our Secret Sister reveal at Pargo's Wednesday night. It was nice to go out and chat with friends. Pargo's makes a good margarita! LOL

This morning, I took Jacob up to the bus stop and was walking back when I ran into Jonna and her kids. She told me that James was on a rampage...he had taken down 3 trees yesterday and mine was next on his list because he was tired of looking at it. I told her that was wouldn't upset me at all. She chuckled and I went back inside. A little after 9, I look outside and see James with a chainsaw in my backyard. He's already got half of the tree down. I walk out to ask him what his favorite cookie is (I'm planning on making him some cookies as a thank you) and he said that it's no problem. The tree is so dead that there's no sap left in it and that he could carry the whole tree with one arm. 5 minutes later, the tree was down and on it's way to the dump.

Daniel, Hannah and I met Barbra and her kids at the park this morning and then went out to lunch. Her second child, Lindsay, is so much like Daniel was at her fear. She's such a peanut but follows right along with the bigger kids. I'm convinced that second children are a special breed.

The kids and Mike were outside for quite a while after gave me lots of time to get the house back in order. I even got the floors mopped! So cool! We gave the kids a bath and started to read the bedtime story. I was laying on Hannah's floor and Mike was reading Jacob's library book about salmon. I guess he thought that I wasn't paying attention because he says something about the male fish mounting the female fish. I sat up and said "what? Does it really say that?" Mike starts laughing hysterically and says "I didn't think you were listening." He keeps reading but is having a hard time containing his laughter. By this point, Jacob's getting mad that Mike's not sticking to the actual words...he keeps inserting Daniel and Hannah's name in various places. Daniel thought it was really funny. Jacob did not. Needless to say, story time tonight was kind of a waste.

So, there's only one more day to go for TV turn off week. And, yes Michelle, I will get to watch Grey's on Sunday (it's finally a new one!). I have to say, it's been very nice to have the TV off in the morning and evenings when Jacob's getting ready for school and when we're eating dinner. We may have to keep that. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

Monday, April 24, 2006

It Could Be Worse

Mike's play was this past weekend. Saturday night, Rachel, the kids' favorite sitter, came to babysit so that I could go see the play. Mike had asked a co-worker and his family to come see it as well. I met this guy last summer but I was quite sure that I wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd. I sat waiting for the play to start when a family sat around me...why they didn't ask me to move over one seat so that they could sit together is beyond me. A good deal into the play, Mike makes his entrance. The guy on my left reaches over me and says to lady on my right, "that's him." She says, "that's the one you work with?" I was sitting next to Mike's friend without even knowing it! Mike thought that I had waited for him to arrive and sat with him. It was total coincidence. After the play, we all went out to dinner. It was so nice to enjoy a meal without the kids!

I took the kids to the play on Sunday. They were so excited to see Mike up on stage...Hannah kept asking where Mike went when he would go off stage. It was cute. He did a great job! The play was great and you could tell that they had all been working really hard on it.

I had today all planned out...I was going to take Daniel to school, go to Martin's and then come home and mow before going out to get Daniel. (sorry I ditched playgroup this morning, Michelle!) After lunch, I was going to tackle some laundry and some cleaning. Fat chance. I got Daniel to school and got to Martin's but while I was there, I ran into my friend, Barbra. We talked for a while and both decided that we need to finish our shopping but would probably get together at Jenny's Taste of Home launch party on Friday. Hannah had to go to the bathroom so I took her and when I came out, I saw Barbra talking to someone else. I jokingly yelled down the aisle, "now who are you talking to?" and Jenny turns her head. We had just been talking about her 5 minutes before. I walk down the aisle to say hello. So, here we are, the three of us and 3 kids totally blocking the aisle (Jenny and I both had one of those truck carts and Barbra had a big cart herself). It doesn't sound as funny written down here as it seemed this morning. Hmmmm.

Needless to say, because of my gabbing, I didn't get home with the groceries until 11:35. Not enough time to mow before I have to pick up Daniel. So, I grabbed the weed whacker and decided that I could at least get that done. I finished at the same time that I needed to leave the house to get Daniel. I did get the mowing done this afternoon...unfortunately, the house cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow.

Jacob has decided that he really wants to participate in TV Turn Off Week. We've made it through one day...I just hope it doesn't rain...we'll be just fine as long as we can stay outside. That sounds really bad, doesn't it? Although, if it rains, the likelyhood that the house will get cleaned greatly increases.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Night Bunko

(or as Mike calls it...Bonko)
Be forwarned...I've been drinking...the following post may make no sense.

Just got in from Bunko...I've never played the Friday night bunko but I've played Wednesday bunko...dang it's hard to type when you've had too many margaritas. These girls are crazy. The Wednesday crowd is very tame compared to this bunch. It's 11:49 pm and I just got home...I'm usually home at 9:30 when I'm playing on Wednesdays. I'm on the sub list but have never been called before. There's a girl in my neighborhood who went to Illinois State. She's really cool...she also has an education degree but her degree is in early childhood and special ed. Says Virginia has reciprocity and it's really easy to get your VA license. I won $8 because I lost the most games. You've got to love a game where even the losers can win! Okay...I should really go to bed now...I've been asked to move my crop nights to a different Friday...I may have to since I was asked to potentially become a permanent member of this bunko group. Jackie was asking me over and over to move it. I guess I will.

Okay...I'm done drinking and blogging...night ya'll

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kids Quotes

Some funny things the kids have said/done this week:

I was making dinner so I had the kids playing on the deck so that I could watch Hannah. Daniel walks into the kitchen:
D: Can I go play in the backyard?
Me: No, you need to stay on the deck so that Hannah doesn't get all upset.
D: Please can I go in the backyard?
Me: I said no. You can after dinner.
D: That's okay. I'll just wait until you aren't paying attention and I'll sneak off when you aren't looking.
Me: Thanks for your honesty. If you do that, you'll be inside for the rest of the night.
D: Oh man.

Jacob was so excited to go back to school this week. He probably got up when Mike left and was just waiting until my alarm went off. At about 7:15, he comes into my bedroom and says:
J: Hey Mom?
Me: Yes, Jacob.
J: I have school today.
Me: I know, honey.
J: It's time for you to get up.
Me: (I'm thinking...but I have 15 more minutes!!!!!!)

I was getting the kids PJ's out this evening when Hannah walks up to me with a can of soda from the fridge. (I just thought it was cute)
H: Hi Mom!
Me: Hi Hannah!
H: I got soda
Me: Honey, you can't have a soda right now
H: Iss for you!
Me: It's for me?
H: Yeah. Iss soda
Me: Oh, thank you.
H: Drink it. Iss good! You thirsty?
Me: Not right now, but I'm sure I will be
H: But iss soda!

When we pulled up to the restaurant where we were meeting Michelle and Jonathan for lunch today, Daniel was all upset.
D: Is this where we're having lunch?
Me: Yep!
D: But this isn't the Japanese steakhouse!
Me: No, this is the Texas Steakhouse.
D: I don't want the Texas Steakhouse. I want the Japanese one.

Good Grief...Only Thursday

This seems to be the longest week ever. Jacob and Daniel finally went back to school earlier this week after over a week off and I don't feel like I've stopped going. Running here and there. Getting the newsletter done...only to have to do it again because the computer froze and I lost all of my work just as I was trying to save it. Getting it to the printer, folded and labeled...another 2 hours lost. My house looks like a tornado came through because I haven't been home...or we've been otside and haven't been cleaning. Allergies are acting left eye is all blown up and red. Nasty. Lots of emotional ups and downs this week...I'll get to that in another post.

Today was pretty good, though. We went to my MOMS Club meeting this morning and disovered that construction season (I still don't know for sure around here but back in Illinois, there are two seasons: winter and construction) has begun. Hit two construction zones in the short distance to the church where we have our meetings. Not many attendees but I knew pretty much everyone there and there was a lot of joking around. Nominations for the board started today and Michelle and I were talking about who to nominate. Bette asks if I'm planning on running again. I said that if I'm nominated, I'll probably accept but I'm not nominating myself. Wendy says something like "so, you want to be on the board again." I said "I didn't exactly say that." she says, "but you were implying that you were wanting to run again." to that, I say, "People say that I imply a lot of things." She laughed and said, "yeah, I guess they do." After the meeting, Michelle asked me if I'd like to go to lunch with her and Jonathan. The only thing I had to do today was go to the grocery store (at some point, I have to clean the house) so I agreed to meet her.

Michelle lives in a neighborhood with a really interesting HOA (Home Owners Association)...Libertarian friends are going to love this. There are two (they're pretty much self-appointed, aren't they, Michelle?) guys who are serving on the board and they get to decide what the rules are. No homeowner vote...nothing. They actually want people with fences (they can only have "natural" wood fences) to have to pay the HOA to stain their fences each year! No one would be allowed to do it themselves. This is because they want people to do it every year and the only way they can guarantee that it gets done is by the HOA doing it themselves. Nice, huh? They even want people to submit, and get approval on, landscaping plans down to what kind of flowers they're going to plant. On the other hand, our HOA is beginning to relax a lot of the stupid one about having an above ground pool (they're currently not allowed because someone might drown. Isn't that great?!?) You just can't get away from HOA's out here. It's wierd.

Well, I really should at least vacuum sometime today. Mike's got play practice again tonight and I need to try to find a sitter for Saturday night. Only one more day until the weekend!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Can't Believe I'm Wasting More Time On Ryan...

I was reading an article by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune online just now...he was always my favorite columnist in the Trib...he has an awesome piece on George Ryan. A few of my favorite quotes,

"I would not and never have condoned corruption!" Ryan said years ago. "I would not and never have condoned corruption. Why would I? Why would I be involved in such a scheme?"

And later, of the Willises, Ryan said he had nothing to apologize for.

"The Willises don't want an apology!" he thundered.

No? They didn't want an apology? Their kids were the victims of crooked politics. All they wanted was for Ryan to accept some responsibility. An ordinary person would have apologized. But on Monday, Ryan displayed the proper combine attitude, by blaming the jury."

If George Ryan had had a hand in the deaths of my children, you better bet I'd want an I'm sure I'd want his head!

As he walked out of the federal building to make his escape in a vehicle, an angry bicycle messenger with prison written on his face started taunting the former governor. The bike man was telling Ryan not to drop the soap in prison, telling him not to become beholden to other guys by smoking their cigarettes.

It was brutal. It was ugly. And Ryan couldn't help hearing.

"You better not take their smokes, you get your own, know what I'm sayin'!" he shouted, straddling his bike, laughing. "Know what I'm sayin'! Governor! Governor!"

Love it!

Things Could Always Be Worse!

This is the title of the play that Mike's in at Beth El. They had an article about it in the paper this morning. I didn't recognize anyone in the pictures they had...I guess I was hoping to see Mike at least in the background. :(

Last night, he came home from practice...they had run through the play twice. I guess Mike plays two roles. In the second half, he has to wear a beard. He's telling me about how this is the first time he's had to wear the beard. Mike walks over to me and says "feel my face." It's all sticky. He says that he tried the thinner and everything, but it wouldn't come off, do I have anything that he could use? We head upstairs and sort through my plethora of face cleansers and whatnot. I pull out a facial scrub and a loofah. Still sticky. Anything else we can try? I do have this Mary Kay microderm abrasion stuff. Mike hops into the shower and uses it. He gets out and the sticky is gone. I give him some lotion to put on after the "treatment" and I hear a groan. His temples are still full of sticky. He was finally able to get it off (I was shaving this morning, honey?) Does anyone know a good way to get the sticky beard stuff off without having to give himself a microderm abrasion treatment everytime? I do have to say, though, that his face was nice and soft afterwards!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Holy Cow!

I just read that George Ryan, the former governor of Illinois, was convicted 22 counts of racketeering and fraud today (there were other things listed within the 22 counts as well). LOL! Whaddya know? He really is a crook!

A Funny Site I stole this from another blog...but it was just too funny not to share.

100 Greatest April Fools Day Hoaxes


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Here are some pictures of the kids after they colored Easter Eggs and finding the eggs the Easter Bunny left for them. They've already eaten so much candy...I wonder if they'll sleep at all tonight!

Friday, April 14, 2006

A New Favorite

HBO started this new show called Big Love. Bill Paxton plays a man with three wives in Utah. Since it's on at the same time as Grey's, I've been catching it later in the week (I love that about HBO...they run their shows several times a week). While I don't get the whole polygamy thing, the concept for a show is really interesting. Even Mike's into this one...he asked last night what's so captivating about this show? Maybe it's the originality factor? If you get HBO, check it out! They're running marathons of the season so far this week.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passover Seder Stats

We had our Passover Seder tonight...
There were 6 adults and 7 children in attendance
4 copies of the Haggadah had to be shared
18 hard boiled eggs
Approximately 16 stinky fish balls (gefelte fish)
20 matzo balls
18 pieces of apple matzo kugel
7 pounds of brisket
9 baked potatoes
1 bottle of white horseradish
1 bottle of red horseradish
1 bottle of wine
3 cups of haroset
1 box of matzo (kosher for Passover)
1 large tossed salad (courtesy of Debora)
5 bottles of salad dressing
1 large bowl of glazed carrots (courtesy of Cindy)

At the end of the night...
66% of the adults in attendance were not Jewish
Everyone, except for Mike, could not pronounce the word "Pesah"
The "service" leading up to the meal lasted 45 minutes
Jacob had eaten 25% of the matzo balls and 22% of the hard boiled eggs
Hannah ate 75% of the bottle of ranch dressing...50% of it by the spoonful
3 bottles of salad dressing remained unopened
2 pounds of brisket remained
Only 3 baked potatoes were eaten
1 large bowl of glazed carrots went home with Cindy, mostly untouched
2 boards of matzo remained
1 tablespoon of white horseradish was left but 90% of the red remained
Only 3 pieces of kugel were left
Only 1 cup of haroset remained
1 hard boiled egg was smashed into the living room rug
5 pieces of broccoli were found among the toys in the family room
The whole bottle of wine was emptied
Mike had the kitchen back in order by 8:10pm
One wine glass shattered on the floor
But the biggest shocker of the night (for me) was that only 8 of the stinky fish balls made their way into the garbage disposal!

Stinky Little Fish Balls

I told Mike that this year, I'd give making Gefelte Fish a shot. I got the recipe from Mike's Mom and had intended making them last week. Time got away from me and they were never made. This week, Dad helped me hunt down the fish and they were made. I don't like fish much, so, the smell really got to me. Really, they were very easy to make if you can stand the smell. I was digging the fish out of under my nails for some time after! Yuck.

Dad was the first to try it and said that they were okay but bland. Mike had one with dinner and proclaimed them tasty. The things we do for love.

The Visit

Mom and Dad arrived on Sunday for their visit this week. We took them to Ichiban for dinner on's the kids' favorite restaurant. Because it was Mom's birthday, they gave a piece of cheesecake and took a picture.

On Tuesday, Mike took the day off and we all went into DC to look around. We visited the FDR Memorial (I didn't even know this existed!), the World War II Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. We were able to see (but not up close) the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. Some of the cherry blossoms were still out but most were gone by now. It was a long day of walking!
The World War II Memorial

All of us at the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool from the World War II Memorial

The Washington Monument

The Jefferson Memorial (this was as close as we got to this one!)

FDR and us!

Abraham Lincoln...above him, it says, "In This Temple As In The Hearts Of The People For Whom He Saved The Union The Memory Of Abraham Lincoln Is Enshrined Forever"

The Korean War Memorial

Friday, April 07, 2006

Much Ado About Tires

Last night, I got a phone call from the manager of Costco. He wanted to know if everything worked out okay with the tires...he had gotten a note from James saying that he thought all was good but he wanted to make sure. I told him that, yes, everything was fine. He then told me that he thinks that James learned a good lesson in customer service from me. Whatever...I'm just glad it's over and done with!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Dash of Kid Conversation

The kids were really full of it tonight (in a good way). Two conversations in the car tonight...

Jacob - I'm Jewish, right?
Me - Yes
J - You're not Jewish, right?
Me - That's right
J - Hmmm...
Me - (I'm thinking that I wasn't expecting this conversation just yet)
J - You're a Christian?
Me - Yes
J - Oh. I like Sunday School
Me - You do? (big sigh of relief)
J - We get good snacks

About 5 minutes later...

Daniel - When you're an adult, you can be a rock star, right?
Me - Sure you can
D - I'm gonna be a rock wanna be in my band?
Me - I'll be in your band...what should I play?
D - Ummm...drums! You can play the drums
Me - Okay, I'll play the drums in your band
D - Cool
J - Rock stars are singers...singers have to play the guitar...the electric guitar

So let's see...Daniel has told me that he also wants to be a race car driver and a teacher. I guess he'll be the first race car driving rock star teacher!

Got Tires?

I do! Okay...Mike does. I was told to call after 12:30 to make sure the tires had come in today. I waited until 3. I was told that yes, the tires are in. After dinner, I load the kids in the Kia (Mike had play practice) and we head to Costco. BTW, have you ever tried to put 3 kids and 2 boosters in the backseat of a Kia Spectra? They fit, but you have to have a shoe horn to get them out.

We go in and James, the guy from Saturday, greets me at the door. He tells me that he was getting nervous because the tires arrived only 10 minutes before I had called. They must have had a bunch of people ordering tires because there were a bunch of stacks of tires in there for people. He rings me up...apologizes again and again...tells me it'll be about an hour since there was one car ahead of me. Not a problem, I was expecting a wait.

The kids and I leisurely wander through Costco...the kids run around in the "cold" (the refridgerated veggie section - it's like a big race track for them) for a while..then check out. We had about 10 minutes to kill so I got the kids some ice cream (and a churro for me) and we hung out. James walks by and tels me the Kia is ready.

We head back over to the tire section and get the key. More and more apologies...I can't take it anymore. I just wave and walk out.

Now Mike has new tires. I'm going to have to get some for the van soon.

What the F***?!?

7 AM...Hannah's screaming for her "other one blanket." I go in and give it to her...go downstairs to walk the dog. I put on my shoes and open the door...THERE'S F****** SNOW ON THE GROUND! Seriously?!?

I'm confused

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monday Update

Yesterday, I went to Michelle's for our own little playgroup (driving out to Stephens City just did not sound appealing...sorry if I offended you, Sara!) and we had a nice discussion about everything that's been going on. Luckily, it's been resolved but it looks like a group of us are probably going to take the fall. Whatever.

After Jacob got home from school, we all went outside to play and enjoy the afternoon. I had gotten the kids a big new bucket of sidewalk chalk and we were having a good time. It's interesting the things you miss when you're inside. I was laughing at one neighbor who was trying desperately to get her Yukon XL in her garage. She usually parks in the driveway and has been talking about getting her garage cleaned out enough to park her cars in there. I guess it happened this weekend, but I think that Yukon is just too big for the garage. She couldn't get the garage door closed!

Then, I saw another neighbor drive furiously down the street and left again within a matter of minutes. She waved, but looked frustrated.

Storm clouds were starting to roll in (one of the things I miss about the midwest is the thunderstorms) so we started packing up our stuff to put into the garage. We headed into the backyard to get a better view of the clouds...and I thought I heard James mowing in the backyard. We walk around and we're greeted by Addy and Gavin. Addy immediately tells me they were locked out of the house and their mom had to come home from work to unlock the door. That's why Jonna looked so frustrated. At that point, James comes around the corner on his riding mower. Attached to the back is his spreader. He's trying to get the fertilizer down before the rain comes. At that moment, there's lightning and thunder. I look at the kids and tell them it's our cue to head inside.

We come in and watch the clouds from the back door. My neighbor, Donna, calls to ask if Luke and Jake are over. I tell her no...are they missing? She says they're probably in the back yard but she thought she'd try our house first. I hang up and see James pull his mower into his garage...almost at the same moment the sky opened up and you could hardly see across the backyard because of the rain. That guy had some good timing.

Luckily, no severe weather and the whole thing was over in about 7 minutes.

Daniel's going through this "I'm the boss of you" phase. It's killing me. He's constantly telling Hannah that he's the boss of her because he's bigger. He told me yesterday (and reminded me this morning) that when it's his birthday, he's the boss of me. I have to say that it is adorable to hear Hannah say "you not boss of me!"


"...besides, knitting is good for surgical dexterity, so, I'm knitting a sweater."
-Meredith Grey on why she was knitting in a bar

Okay, so I may not be knitting a sweater but I am in the process making of what looks like a very large potholder. I think I have the knit stitch down. I'm not brave enough to try the purl stitch down yet...I want to get this knit thing down first. The book Erin recommended to me (Knitting for Dummies) seems very helpful. I'm way further teaching myself how to knit than I ever got trying to crochet. The repetitive nature of it is very relaxing.

For the record, I bought that book long before I knew that knitting was going to be big on Sunday's episode of Grey's. Seriously!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Me and My New Backbone

So, I go out to get Mike new tires this afternoon at Costco. I've got the boys with me...I figure that I can kill time by doing a little shopping and if we still have to kill some time, there's a pet store and coffee shop across the street we can go to. So, we go into the tire area and wait a little for someone to come help us. When he finally does come, I tell him that I need four tires for a Kia Spectra. He says "sorry, can't help you. We don't carry those." I asked if they could be special ordered. "Nope. Sorry." He didn't look in the computer or anything. He may as well have said, "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!" Now, I know that these are available to Costco because I looked it up online. So I walk out and head to the Customer Service desk. They're pretty busy today so I have to wait a few minutes. I ask to speak to a manager/supervisor. The supervisor comes over and I tell her what happened. She calls a manager. The manager used to work in tires, so he'll really be able to help me. When he comes over, he asks again what happened and I tell him. I said, "if you don't carry the tire and can't get it, that's fine, but the attitude I got was uncalled for." He leaves to talk to the guy. In the meantime, the Customer Service girls have loaded the boys up with candy.

The manager comes back and apologizes again. He's pretty sure they can order the tires...can he take a look at the car to make sure of the kind I need? Sure. We walk out to the car and he writes down some stuff. We walk back into the tire area. The manager asks me my name and I tell him. He says, "Barbara, this is James. James, this is Barbara. Let's start this whole thing all over again." James can't stop apologizing at this point. It's been decided that if I still want the tires, they can get them in on Wednesday and all I have to pay for is the tires and tax. No installation charge, no disposal charge. DEAL! James gave me all of the info about the tire and special order number, etc and that he'll be in again after 12:30 on Wednesday. Since I heard him place the order (he did it on speakerphone), I know that they won't be in before then anyway, so that's fine. More apologies, and I'm out the door.

I think me and my new backbone are going to get along just fine!